Premium Boutique Service With a Focus on Maximizing Income and Investment Value

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Brokerage Advisory Services

City Wide Apartment Management is a boutique property management company that specializes in custom service for each of our clients. We understand that owners have different goals and strategies for their properties and no one receives cookie cutter service.  We meet with owners and formulate a specific plan to implement the owner's goals and objectives whether it is to renovate and maximize rents, prepare the property for sale or re-finance, or handle difficult tenant situations.  City Wide Apartment Management has been creating extraordinary value for our clients through a comprehensive package of services including Tenant Management, Marketing and Leasing, Maintenance and Renovations, Financial Reporting and Insurance Compliance.  We specialize in rapid correction of City and County health and safety violations, and compliance with insurance underwriting requirements.

How Can We Help You?

Property Management

Development Services

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What We Do

We understand the importance our owners place on their investment properties.  Whether counting on present day income or planning for future generations, to protect the value of these real estate investments it is essential that the property management company does not drop the ball.  We stay on top of all issues necessary to keep the property running smoothly and safely.  Hands on service even from our senior management.  Owners will never feel neglected.  City Wide Apartment Management understands every aspect of the successful ownership and operation of investment properties.



The principals of City Wide Apartment Management have over thirty years of experience buying, operating and selling investment properties.  We can assist in developing and implementing strategies for maximizing value upon sale, and otherwise getting a property ready to be sold.  We have broker contacts that can facilitate the sale for you or we can handle the sale ourselves at very competitive rates as we are also licensed California brokers.  


Our considerable experience in the real estate industry and outstanding relationships with architects, contractors, suppliers and developers, can be invaluable in assisting owners considering major renovations, or positioning properties for  redevelopment or sale.